Tuesday, 25 April 2017


Hi everyone. I made it again. Wondered if I would as we were very late eating tonight, after spending a lot of time today on the telephone with my sister and brother re mum. Things still the same really. Thanks for all the kind thoughts and wishes last week, I do appreciate them.

I have managed a little crafting today as I needed to make a birthday card for DH for Sunday and finish one for DS for Friday. I nearly gave in and bought them but have more or less got them sorted. I will share soon.

So my space as of tonight

I really must sort myself out and use my camera these photos don't seem to be so good.

So above you can see DH's card - a double z fold I believe they are called - thanks to Amanda Bates.  I was almost finished - had been checking out some embellishments when the phone rang - again - it was about two hours later when I came off. So still need to add the finishing touches. The box at the back has some of the items needed for my craft event.

Took another shot of along the table. It all looks a bit of a mess but it is mainly ordered :-) - a lot of the various parts for cards etc are at far end in boxes. I am panicking slightly at though of what I've got left to do. 

Hopefully share more next week. if you would like to know more about WOYWW  and join us all then visit The Stamping Ground you can be sure of a very warm welcome. I will come and visit as many as I am able and everyone who visits me, and who ends in the same number as me. 

We had a lovely time on Sunday. Our son and family had arrived home from a holiday in Portugal. They invited us round to catch up with them for brunch. Afterwards we went a walk and then back to view the holiday photos. I am really happy they had a wonderful time but am glad that they are back safe and sound. Have a great week , hopefully back soon. 

Tuesday, 18 April 2017


Hello deskers. It's been a long time, can't quite believe how long really.
 Mum has been in and out of hospital, back in at the moment - I spent Easter weekend in Somerset visiting her. In fact since I took her home after Christmas I have only seen her in hospital. I also had flu in February. Sometimes I have spent ages on telephone re mum and been too tired to blog, or knew I wouldn't be able to visit other people. So in brief that's why I've been missing. There have been some enjoyable times as well.

Any way here is my desk/work space - I am now trying to prepare for a Friday evening/ all day Saturday class in May. Had hoped to go away for the weekend for a Craft Retreat but in the end it didn't work out ( not given up on the idea altogether) so one of the ladies that comes to classes, who is a dear friend and does all catering for me said she would host the event at her home. So plan is to meet Friday evening, drinks and nibbles - a little Make and Take Project, a game and then supper. On the Saturday we will meet for breakfast, craft, light lunch, craft some more and then dinner on the evening. Well that's the plan :-)
So today I started planning so that's what is on my desk!

Planning on using Stampin Up Succulents stamps, thinlits and design paper. Unfortunately they are now on the retiring list but as I had already purchased everything I cannot change the theme. 

Above the beginnings of some of the makes. Sorry the photos are not brilliant. 

Below are the makes from my April class - based on/ inspired by ideas from Pinterest. Cannot remember where from but the top right hand corner is from Amanda Bates - The Craft Spa- she makes some gorgeous projects.

 Some of the ladies hard at work. There were ten altogether.

Above - mum in hospital time before last. She has a compression fracture of her spine. She spent four weeks in hospital, came out - fell in the kitchen and as I said back in now :-(

Below is little sausage ( Mum's great grandson - well one of them :-) - he has had more time in hospital. He has had the feeding tube for a long time now. He was quite poorly and kept pulling it out. It looks as though he will be going to Great Ormond Street to have a PEG fitted. They have also said he may have have suffered some damage because of the feeding tube, other than that he seems to be doing well. 

If you got this far thank you for reading. If you want to join in WOYWW click on the icon on my sidebar and visit the stamping ground blog and find out more.
I will visit all who visit me and those ending with same number as me.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Gosh it's number 400, that's amazing isn't it. Surely you know what WOYWW is- no? Well pop along to it's founder the lovely Julia  at The Stamping Ground and find out all about it and join in!

Sadly I didn't manage to join in last week but it was not the best week, I was also very busy as I was getting ready for my class here on Saturday. I had nine ladies come along to play :-) It was great fun - but I was so busy I forgot to take any photos.
 One of the ladies who has been coming since I first started this madness - I mean classes had some great news. She and her husband been trying to have a baby for a long, long time. She has had treatment and I believe  suffered two miscarriages- well she has been undergoing treatment again and told us on Saturday that she is expecting twins. We are thrilled and pray for all to go well.

We made three cards and just added a little decoration to a treat bag with chocolate hearts in. One of the cards was a Valentines Card but could be adapted to use as an Anniversary card.

I have not had time to clear up since as I needed to make one or two other items that needed to be sent out so if you are of a nervous disposition look away now!!!

I have my scraps to the left as I am cutting out a sample of each of the SU colours for a new downline. On the left you can see a note book and covered post it note pad that are a little gift for someone. I still need to finish it.

Above is the display I created to show some of the new SU products.

So that's my desk for WOYWW 400 - I will visit all who visit me, those ending with the same number as  me plus as many others as I can.

Other News

Last week I was due to travel up to Yorkshire with my SU Upline and another lady. A training event but lots of chat and things to make. It was to be an early start - up at five o clock, leave here at 6.15. Unfortunately by five o clock I had not been to sleep at all - felt awful and so had to cancel going.
Monday I was shattered. Managed to sleep on Monday evening but then another terrible night on Tuesday. :-( It made preparing for Saturday a little hard going at times. The house next door was broken into and with things with my mum I do lie awake worrying about it all. I think as well that it is to do with the Fibromyalgia. Ah well just have to soldier on!

Little sausage is gaining weight and although he is still fed via a drip he is being a normal inquisitive little boy :-) which is wonderful!!!

I tried to add a little video of him exploring the kitchen cupboards but it wouldn't work -(
Have a great week everyone, back soon.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Hello WOYWW  deskers, can you believe it's Wednesday again!!! It has flashed by. So what is WOYWW - if you really don't know, and want to join in the fun then visit here  The

Thank you for the kind comments last week. Especially re mum. The situation has not changed much and worries me greatly but there's not much I can do at present.

My blood pressure was even higher when I went for my health check  :-(  I was also worried re diabetes - but thankfully my blood tests revealed that I had not got that, more less everything else is wrong but grateful for small mercies.

So craft wise I am getting back into the swing of things. I made a card for my Mum for her birthday tomorrow. I'm not sure how pleased I was with it and I always feel that it is not as appreciated as some of the 'book like' affairs she gets from others, full of flowery words, but from people she hardly sees. Oh dear I sound somewhat bitter I'm sorry not what you are here for.

 Above Mum's card - colours were more intense in real life. I embossed with Copper embossing powder - it is a lovely effect


Box of goodies from Stampin Up - new products!!! I was a bit naughty !!!!

I also put some chocolate hearts etc into treat bags and made some fancy tops for them. Used some new dies and stamps from Stampin Up.

Took them to our granddaughters on Saturday evening when we went for a lovely relaxing dinner :-)

I am working on cards for my next class and some swaps for an event next Monday - more next week.
Have been trying to organise a Craft Weekend - did I already say, but it has proved very difficult and have lost my enthusiasm and the 'will to live' re it all :-)

Have been using the stamps you can just seen in preparation for my class.

Above a clue to my swaps :-)

This morning I returned to Sugar Craft class after a long break - wasn't sure re going but decided to for a few more weeks. Did enjoy it.

So short and sweet ( I hope)  back next week all being well. I will visit all who visit me and those ending with the same number.

PS  Little Sausage was allowed home. Has to keep the feeding tube as he won't take anything otherwise. The truck he is sat in was bought for his little cousin for Christmas but he took a fancy to it :-) they opened presents on Sunday .

Tuesday, 10 January 2017


This last week seemed to fly by!!! Thank you to all who visited me last week , I hope I visited you in return - think I managed. Also thank you for all the lovely comments and well wishes. They are very much appreciated.
 I haven't quite finished putting stuff away but all decorations are down, upstairs and waiting to go away. Most crafting stuff is back in the dining room.
I have even managed to make a couple of cards I needed. Work space is still looking strangely tidy though :-)

Above for 'Little Sausage '
I still have to put a sentiment in this one but is for my sister n law's sister who is retiring. 

 I have also managed to knit a very small baby hat ( still needs to be sewn up and I think I will add a pom pom) - for charity and have started on a cardigan. 

If you'd like to join in WOYWW then pop along to Julia's Blog. I will visit everyone who visits me , those ending with the same number as me and as many others as I can manage. 

Everything else 

My sister took mum to GP. He was very concerned. Took mum back to the car himself and in a wheelchair! He arranged for an ambulance to collect her at home and said he expected her to be there for at least two nights as he wanted a thorough investigation done. 
Unfortunately my sister didn't go with mum to the hospital ( a whole other story :-( ) They did some checks and then asked her if she was ok to go home!! She said yes! Sister collected her late that night and then left her at home. Mum has to return for echo gram and still not had Pacemaker checked!!! She does not feel well at all.

I went to GP and was told my Blood Pressure was way too high - said not surprised!!! Been sent for blood tests, health check and see GP again. 

Brother and I spent a lot of time on Saturday viewing a lovely new retirement apartment , near us that might suit mum. 

Asked if my sister down there could bring mum up to view and we would take her home. No go. ( Short story)  We were going to go and get her but then she said that she wasn't interested. So we are back at square one. I am very tired, cannot sleep worrying. 

On a lighter note I went out to lunch with some friends - very enjoyable and relaxing :-)

'Little sausage' was sent home on Monday. He still has a tube for feeding - he still refuses his milk and anything else. Doctors think it neurological - have said they will know more re his condition when he is about 18 months old. So hard for his mummy and daddy and the rest of the family.

Well a lot shorter this week. Look forward to looking at other desks annd seeing what you've all been up to. 

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

WOYWW 396 and other news

Hello fellow WOYWWers :-)

Happy New Year Everyone.

 I had hoped to join in last week and wish you all a Happy New Year but it was not to be. My son and family went home Tuesday I then had to prepare for mum coming on Wednesday and time just flew!! I will put more news in Part 2 - so that you can read just WOYWW bit if you wish.

There is not much to see crafting wise -  if you read my news bit later you will learn why :-) My work space AKA dining room table in the main is sporting it's Christmas cloth and there is all sorts of stuff waiting to be put away. 
So here it is, 

I am hoping to change some of my crafting habits :-) I would like to try some challenges and make more cards that I need to send. I am probably not going to be going to many more Sugar Craft sessions as it looks like the Centre will be closing. I also feel I have come to the end with it. I can do what I need to do now - not showing off but don't make many cakes now, I have made a lot of stuff at classes I don't use. The two Christmas cakes I made and decorated were done very simply as I ran out of time - but had spent a lot of time making stuff I couldn't use. So I think I need to move on! it is sad the centre is closing though because as well as classes it was a centre for Mental Health. There were respite flats, a cafe where patients could work , There are still various therapy classes as well and they will all go. The Sugar Craft class was part of Community Centre - lots of other classes all providing social interaction as well as learning. the council will sell all the site for development we think.

If you would like to join in with WOYWW then visit the stamping ground
I will visit all who end with same number as me and as many others that I can.

Part Two 

Well as you know I was unwell before Christmas and it took a long time to clear and I didn't get everything done but it didn't matter. The world didn't end!!!  :-)

I managed to do some shopping and DH finished the rest.  Managed to visit my Auntie on Christmas Eve - though not a joyous occasion :-( she is very difficult to please.

Christmas Day was lovely. We had a leisurely start - most unusual :-) My eldest son and family came down ( from Yorkshire)  to us at four o clock on Christmas Day. Younger son and family  came round at two o clock. I'd planned our 'feast' to start at five o clock . It is the first time for many years that I have had both sons together on Christmas Day, It was wonderful to have them all here. It was hard work and if I'm honest I didn't enjoy my food so much - I think it was a combination of feeling unwell and then worrying that everything was going to be ok. Everyone said it was lovely and when DH and I had a meal from leftovers I did enjoy it :-)

Table - laid by granddaughter - ready and waiting.

 Fun and Photos

We had a super time together and the children so enjoyed being together,
On Boxing Day we got up late, had brunch and then eldest son, D.I.L. and grandsons plus us :-) went to nearby park and boys tried out their mini rockers ;-) DH decided to have a scoot round the car park , then came back to us , hit a patch of grass and rolled commando style over the grass verge. Fortunately he did not injure himself - we were doubled up laughing. We then went on to see Aunt again - not much better than on Christmas Eve but at least I had back up :-) Then home for tea and playing games.

Our D.I.L. had to get up and leave at 6.30 on Tuesday morning and drive to Wakefield as she was at work ( a nurse) she didn't want to go Boxing Night, leave everyone and go home to empty house. It was so cold that morning - a very heavy frost, really felt for her and missed her so much.
DS , grandsons, DH and I went to youngest son's for lunch and then they caught train in afternoon up to Wakefield for when D.I.L. finished work.

Grandsons are up there somewhere :-)

DS playing carols at Auntie's

Both son's at youngest son's on Tuesday- enjoying karaoke - very funny

Below is the cake I made for mum - nothing amazing


DH's card - I was not completely happy with it but at least I managed to make and finish one for him.

It was a lovely family Christmas and I am blessed to have had such a wonderful time with family. After taking them to the station I went home to tidy up - a bit :-) and change beds.
 On Wednesday went to my sister's in Towcester to collect mum. She spent Christmas with them.
Sadly mum had been/was quite poorly- a visit to GP confirmed a chest infection.
I had to take mum to GP again on Thursday as she seemed very unwell and said she couldn't breathe. She is 88 and has a pacemaker and it was very worrying. It has been a very difficult few days as at times she seemed to be quite childlike, critical and not very thoughtful but she is not usually like that.

Auntie came over to see her on Friday - not without it's problems but we survived.
New Year's Eve we took mum to my brother's, did some shopping , popped to see a friend. We went back to my brother's for the evening - mum slept quite a bit though - but it was fun with my brother and sister in law and much needed light relief.
On Sunday we took mum back home to Somerset. Took a long time - weather was atrocious cold and lots of rain. Left ours at 1.30 arrived there about 5.30 and had so much stuff to unload from car. Then discovered that some cream had spilled - everywhere. I had to change beds and cook dinner. I was exhausted.
Monday more leisurely though mum asked me why I was so tired - at eleven o clock that night - I'd taken her shopping to Tesco and cooked dinner!!!!

Left mum's at two o clock this afternoon and home at 4.45. I have collapsed in a heap :-) - it was so sad leaving my mum and I am very worried about her. I spoke to her GP and told him what had happened and my sister down there is taking her to her own GP tomorrow.

An Update re Alexis

Poor little sausage went into hospital on Christmas Eve and is still there. He just wouldn't feed and had lost a kilo. He has a tube for feeding - and has the cutest socks on his hands as he kept pulling the tube out. His tummy is ok - they did a barium meal etc all well there but they don't know why he is not feeding. :-(

Little sausage on Christmas Morning
- above

Later in week he has perked up :-)

So I am sorry (Julia) a bit long - so a varied and interesting time but lots of good times. Hope you all had a lovely time.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Twas The One Before Christmas :-)

 Would like to wish everyone a Peaceful and Joyful Christmas

Thanks for the lovely comments last week - it is lovely when people visit and leave a comment. I have almost cleared the dining table / aka desk - but not quite. Had a bit of a setback in proceedisng as got a bug again!!!!Flu like symptoms - but not flu - had the real Mcoy when I was 18 and oh was I ill !!! I have felt shivery but hot, aches and pains and I have a cough :-( cancelled a few social events as decided I would take it easy and just potter.

So here you go

Last bits to clear away - when/if I ever finish my husbands card- this is mark 3!!!

Look at that empty table !!!!

Sleigh and reindeer in place - not really done much more to it - haven't felt up to it.

Latest photo of Alexis. He had to spend a night in A/E again with very high temp - he has a nasty viral infection - home again now.

I finished three of the staircase cards - I put a link to the blog where you can find the tutorial - the lovely Amanda Bates - of the craft spa Thank you Amanda. 

I meant to photograph a couple more cards  that I made but forget. 
If you would like to join in with WOYWW then pop along to Julia's Blog and find out more. 
I will visit as many as I can and all who visit me. 

Other News

Last Thursday I visited www.gawsworthhall.com/ I have been going to WI for trial visits and this was their Christmas Day Out. Lovely place, enjoyed looking round. Also visited nearby church that had a Christmas Tree Festival - stunning! Started to feel unwell that evening though. However still went out for lunch with some girlfriends on the Friday and then shopping on Saturday. Felt very unwell Sunday - lay on sofa under a blanket on Sunday. Should have been out last night and today but as I said I've stopped in to take it easy. Still have a bit of shopping to do, hope to be ok on Thursday. 

Loved this Nativity display at entrance to the Hall - made for wire mesh. 

Below some photos from inside the church - photos  don't do it justice.

Hope you all have a lovely time at Christmas and stay well. 


Hi everyone. I made it again. Wondered if I would as we were very late eating tonight, after spending a lot of time today on the telephone w...